The most important tip right at the beginning: Avoiding water in any form is the best way to keep your newly purchased earrings as long as possible to have. To avoid water in connection with your costume jewelry earrings whenever possible. This applies to both chlorinated water in swimming pools and water in the swimming lake. Even when showering and bathing, you must take off costume jewelry earrings. Washing hands is also a sensitive issue. Immediately after washing your hands, you should not touch your costume jewelry earrings because traces of water can attack the alloy here too. Especially for women who wear rings, bracelets, or other hand jewelry from the costume jewelry sector: water is the fastest way to remove the alloy from your costume jewelry. If you insist on wearing earrings or other jewelry while bathing, showering, or swimming, real jewelry is recommended. Although this is significantly more expensive than costume jewelry, it usually lasts a lifetime (unless lost, of course).


Sweat that gets on your earrings is another tricky point. Opinions differ here, but my own experience is that sweating is not suitable for earrings. The alloy can also come off more quickly as a result of sweat. Therefore, in addition to tip two on avoiding the sun, it is recommended to take off all jewelry from the field of fashion jewelry while doing sports. Such applies to all sports, but especially to swimming (see tip 1: avoid water). It is better to take off your costume jewelry earrings for endurance sports and strength training, team sports, or gymnastics. Such not only prevents sweat from getting on your earrings (or, more precisely, on the clasps of the earrings). No, it’s just more convenient. You don’t run the risk of Losing your earrings or not getting caught on your earrings while exercising. If you don’t want to do without your beloved earrings here either, you should instead use ear studs or small real jewelry earrings in hanging form. Of course, the earrings must by no means be too heavy. Otherwise, you cannot exercise with them.