There is an almost infinite number of skincare creams, lotions, pots, and pots for the face. And by mid-life at the latest, most women swear by their daily portion of anti-wrinkle care. Our neck is often neglected. The skin beneath our faces also determines how young we look. In life, transverse wrinkles, which are caused by head movement, are particularly noticeable here.

If you pamper your facial skin with a cream or lotion every day, you should never forget your neck. Like the cheeks, nose, and forehead, the neck is also exposed to many environmental influences such as UV rays, polluted air, and scratchy scarves. So get used to cleaning your neck thoroughly in the evening and then care for the entire area between the hairline and décolleté. Exfoliating can also help keep the skin on the neck firm and smooth. Once a week, treatment with the peeling sponge or a gentle peeling cream is sufficient.


Wrinkles on the neck cannot always be avoided – once they are there, you have to accept them. Or you decide to have a surgical procedure. This is always associated with certain risks, and a surgically smoothed neck does not remain wrinkle-free for the rest of life. However, surgery can give you a fresher look for at least a few years. The neck lift can be done under the chin or behind the ears. It is also possible to lift only the superficial layer of connective tissue from the layer underneath and to anchor it in the tissue in a tightened manner. The latter method is a little more complicated but promises more pronounced effects. Regardless of which method you choose: Be sure to get extensive advice in advance and think twice about whether you want to go under the knife for a tight neck. With healthy self-confidence, a few wrinkles are also elegant!