Fashion is a fabulous artistic expression that manifests itself through clothing. Each season fashion offers different trends for women to follow. The key is to choose correctly the clothes we are going to wear. We should not obey the dictates of fashion, since the priority should be our critical sense. Sometimes FASHION TRENDS tend to be authoritarian, but we are the ones who must handle this matter. If we obey the dictates of fashion without questioning we run the risk of dressing badly. The more selective and discerning we are about fashion, the more elegant we will look.

Good criteria and evaluation

FASHION TRENDS may offer beautiful clothes, but that doesn’t mean they will look good on every woman. Before buying the clothes we have to evaluate ourselves. First of all, we should ask ourselves if those clothes fit our aesthetic style, age, body and personal preferences. If the fashionable clothes fit all those requirements, they are worth buying. If we really like a garment, but it does not fit some of our requirements, we can adapt it through different arrangements. For example, if a garment is too youthful, we can adapt it with details that turn it into a classic garment.

External pressure

FASHION TRENDS, advertising and mass media pressure us to buy certain clothes. We should ignore that pressure and wear only the clothes that we like and suit us. When we walk down the street and see poorly dressed women it is because they do not know themselves well. They buy the clothes that are in fashion even if they don’t fit them. We should not make that mistake, because our individuality is the most valuable thing we have. The essence of an elegant woman is self-knowledge when it comes to dressing. This trait will always make her stand out from the rest.