The CLASSIC STYLE is the best trend that exists in the fashion world because it is always current. The great thing about this style is that it can be applied in any context and circumstance. However, the CLASSIC STYLE must be worn properly in order to look its best. If you are going to dress in a CLASSIC STYLE you must wear a neat and defined hairstyle. You can use simple hair accessories such as a headband or a pair of bobby pins. Your face should be perfectly made up, but without overdoing it. Don’t use outlandish colors, as they don’t go with this style. You can highlight a part of your face, either the eyes, lips or cheekbones.

Pay attention to your clothes. They must be perfectly clean and ironed. If your clothes are classic, your shoes should be too. Remember that they must be well polished. Do not overload your outfit with too much jewelry. However, you can wear a single piece of jewelry that stands out: a necklace with precious stones, an original ring or a pair of gold earrings. Keep in mind that wearing too much jewelry is considered vulgar in fashion codes. Your handbag should be of classic design, medium size.

The CLASSIC STYLE is based on basic, good quality and well cut garments. It does not need to be brand name clothing, but it does need to be in good taste. Designs and colors should be simple, never flashy. The clothes should harmonize with the accessories. Remember to accompany your style with the right attitude: you must project self-confidence, maturity and security. You should behave politely and have refined manners. This style avoids the use of tight clothing, as it does not allow fluid body movement. Remember the basics of this style: black dress, knee-length skirt, white shirt, black dress pants. The colors you should use are black, gray, white and nude.