Who doesn’t just absolutely love the glow up montages in our favorite girly movies where they turn the girl from geek to chic? If you’re feeling a little less than fashionable, you too can upgrade your fashion style to something a lot more up to date so you can feel prettier, hotter and sexier. Here’s how you can glow up.

Fix Your Hair

If your hair has been the bane of your existence and gives you nothing but frizz and stress, treat yourself to a few salon treatments. If you can’t afford that, get yourself some bottled collagen treatments that can revamp your dry hair.

Change Your Style

Your fashion style is an integral part to glowing up. Instead of wearing your regular drab fashion, into something more chic. and in style. Grab a few fashion magazines and cut out pictures of possible inspirations.

Observe Instagram

Instagram is the modern day fashion magazine with many internet personalities peddling you the latest of fast fashion. Emulate their style and get with the trends by saving screenshots into your phone for memory.

Purchase Clothes

Buying clothes doesn’t have to be a thousand dollar expedition, even thrift stores have so many pre-used clothes that are amazing for upgrading your fashion style, not to mention they’ll save you so much cash.

Mix And Match

Mix crop tops with jogging pants, tuck shirts with short or long sleeves into pants or tuck them into short and tight black shorts. Try combat boots, try heels. There is no limit when it comes to your fashion style.

Judge And Jury

Enlist your friends to judge your new clothing options. Since they care about you, they ill be able to be honest with you about your fashion style choices whether you like it or not. They will have your back and won’t lead you wrong.