Fashion is constantly evolving along with the world’s population. FASHION TRENDS express aesthetically what is happening in the world: women’s liberation, environmental awareness and various historical processes. Fashion is often perceived as something frivolous, but this is not the case. Fashion seeks to be functional to people’s lives, since it is not only a resource to look great. Here are some examples of FASHION TRENDS that evolve along with people.

Street style

The street style was born in the big cities of the world. The goal of this trend is to dress in an elegant way and that the garments are functional to the accelerated lifestyle we lead today. Clothes should be comfortable, well cut and of good quality. This style can be worn to work, shopping, having a coffee with a friend or attending an event such as a rock concert. People want to feel comfortable all day long, without being subjected to clothes that may not be to their liking, even if they are fashionable.


Eco-fashion is one of the most influential fashion trends among young people. This trend was born due to the mistreatment of the ecosystem. The new generations believe that no one should harm the environment in order to dress fashionably. This trend proposes to use chemical free fabrics, save energy while garments are manufactured and never use animals to create accessories such as shoes or handbags.

Minimalist style

The minimalist style is aimed at women who are too busy and do not have time to devote to fashion. The premise of this style is “less is more”, because to be elegant it is not necessary to exaggerate in any aspect. This style is one of the most influential FASHION TRENDS in the West. It manifests itself through neutral colors, masculine coats, straight cut blue jeans, wide high-waisted trousers and dress shirts.