Fashion items or fashion accessories are items that are worn in addition to one’s clothing in a kind of complementary manner to one’s outfit. They may be considered as secondary contributors to one’s outfit and look but they are very essential to the overall effect of one’s fashion style. Fashion accessories can reflect and express one’s identity and personality further. So, what are these fashion items and how do people choose what to use?

As fashion accessories are used to give one’s look that additional pizzazz, so to speak, there are certain factors to be determined when choosing what to include at a particular time and occasion. For instance, accessories used for office work are certainly different than those worn for a party or date. Simply speaking, work or play context determines the right fashion items to use. Likewise, the occasion, certain economic status, culture, and religious affiliation can be contributing factors on what accessories to include.

Fashion accessories may be classified into those that are worn and those that are held. Classic fashion items that are worn include the following: jewelry like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, also, anklets; watches; shoes, sandals, and boots including stockings and socks; scarves, neckties, and cravats; hair accessories such as hair pins, hair bands, and barrettes; head coverings like hats, headdresses, headwraps; gloves; face masks (yes, this is now a trend, as expected); eyewear such as sunglasses and eyeglasses; belts and sashes; cuff links and studs; among others. As to the fashion items that are categorized as held, we have handbags, wallets, purse, hand fans, umbrella, canes, and now, even, cellphones are considered as a fashion accessory.

Remember, fashion trends, an ever changing direction, can and will transform and adapt at any given time depending on people’s choices. That’s why fashion is always exciting and something to look forward to.