1. Collar Type Necklace

This necklace model fits snugly on the wearer’s neck. This necklace is suitable for formal meetings. The design is usually 2-3 stacks to make it stand out more.

Use this type of necklace without any other necklaces along with low or off-shoulder clothing.

2. Choker Type Necklace

With a length of between 36-40cm, this necklace is suitable for both formal and non-formal looks. The material for this necklace also varies, from velvet, ribbon or gold. This type of choker is often added with beads or pendant to make the necklace more attractive. Choker necklaces can be paired with opera necklaces and look great with v-neck or scoop neck collars.

3. Princess type necklace

Princess type necklaces are about 43-50cm long, looser than choker types, but shorter than matinee necklaces. This model is suitable for those who have a short neck and can be used at any event. If you want a formal style, this necklace is the right choice, combined with a v-neck collar.

4. The Matinee Type Necklace

This necklace with a length of 50-70 cm will look sexy to the wearer because it will also be in the cleavage. Suitable for use with layering models and appropriate for casual events or can also be used to the office. This necklace can be paired with other pieces of jewelry, and can be worn with a high collar, or if you want to look sexy, wear a low collar.

5. Opera type necklace

Perfect for parties, this opera-type necklace, which has a length of 71-86 cm, is beautiful and elegant when wrapped around your neck several times. Any collar style will work well with this type of necklace.

6. Rope type necklace

This type of necklace has a length of approximately 100cm, the way to wear it is like an opera type, it will be beautiful if you wrap it around the neck several times, but it is also suitable if you let it stretch around your neck. Can be matched with any type of collar.